Grace & Guts - May 19-20, 2018



When we look around the country during the seasonal changes from winter to spring, we see lessons that can be transferred to our own lives.  The seemingly finished trees and flowers create magic in their roots, push past the dirt, stretch out their limbs and continue to grow.  Join Krista in a weekend workshop inspired by the mirror the earth turns toward us and how we can bring that with us on the mat.  However, don’t be fooled by the flowery metaphors, you’ll be working hard - just like the flowers do.







Saturday 8am-10am - Mysore



10am - 12pm Meditation & Q&A


1pm-3pm Finding Strength & Stillness through Balance - Like A Tree


Spend the day exploring balancing asanas of

primary and second series. From Utthita Hasta Pādāṅguṣṭhāsana, Bakāsana, Ṭiṭṭibhāsana and

Pinca Mayūrāsana we will learn how to create stability in the body needed to acquire and

maintain balance in postures that challenge us to tap into inner and outer strength. Be prepared to break a sweat, have fun, and work hard in this session with Krista as we explore the postures

that teach us how to find and maintain balance both on and off the mat. Suitable for all levels. 2



Sunday 8am-10am - Mysore




Ashtanga Strength Elements

From the gross to the suble, this is what Yoga is about. To do that we start with the physical body using asanas and movement to create a fit and strong body, which gives us the framework to cultivate a fit and strong mind. Ashtanga Yoga method is brilliant as it helps us cultivate physical strength while at the same time helping us evolve our mental and spiritual realm. The asanas themselves become more and more challenging as you work through the first and into the second and third series’. This workshop is designed to assist practitioners on the physical plane focused on fundamental techniques that will aid in building strength and a solid physical foundation that will assist the student in their Ashtanga asana practice, and their overall spiritual journey. Spend the day with Krista learning how to cultivate strength and steadiness of body and mind by exploring

alignment, isolated strength building exercises, meditation techniques, positive thinking, affirmations, and much more! Suitable for all levels. 2 hours