• Gabby's Studio (map)
  • Baton Rogue, LA

Thursday, October 5

Mysore 5:30pm-7:30pm

Friday, October 6

Led Primary 5:30-7:00 pm

Pranayama & Meditation Workshop 7:15 pm - 8:50 pm

Spend an evening with Krista learning how to incorporate pranayama into your life, which benefits our moods, our bodies, and our Yoga practice. This session will help us better understand our breath, which is the most vital process in the entire body, for it is the link to all aspects of our human experience. Pranayama practice helps us to learn how to deepen our control of the breath, which enables the practitioner to control prana (energy). The control of prana through control over breath is Pranayama, and consistent practice will open the door to our ability to control the body, mind, and soul. We will end our session with seated meditation practice, exploring ways to calm and quiet the mind and body.

Saturday, October 7

Mysore 9am-11am

Workshop 11:45am-2:45 pm -Milestones of the Primary Series:

Spend the afternoon with Krista breaking down the asanas of the primary. Learn the correct form and purpose of each posture in the primary series. Students will also learn lots of tips on how to work toward mastery of some of the more difficult postures such as Marichyasana B and D, Bhujapidasana, and Supta Kurmasana. This session will help you in your efforts to master Yoga Chikitsa. Educational and eye opening for students of all levels! Will begin and end with chanting. 3 hours

Sunday, October 8

Mysore 9am-11am

Workshop 11:45 am -1:45 pm - Digging Deep Into Backbends: 

Spend the afternoon with Krista digging deep into your waist, your back and your heart. Understanding the emotional and physiological connection to back bending can help you infinitely deepen your physical understanding of back bending. Utilizing various back bends from the Ashtanga series’ we will explore the use of the waist, the heart and the spine in back bends and look into how emotions help or hinder our growth. Leave this session with a new found love of back bends, a new appreciation of our own ‘perceived’ limitations, and tools to take your practice to a new level. Suitable for all levels. 2 hours. 

Full workshop $250

Led class $30

Pranayama $40

Mysore class $40

Saturday Workshop: $60

Sunday Workshop $45