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Ashtanga weekend workshop with Krista Shirley (Florida)

Friday-Saturday October 27th-28th 2017

Krista Shirley is a dedicated student and practitioner of traditional Ashtanga yoga. She was introduced to this practice over fourteen years ago and immediately embraced it as a daily part of her life be-cause she was magnetically drawn to the healing this practice provides. For the last eleven years Krista has rolled her mat out each day because it is such an intrinsic part of who she is.

Ashtanga Yoga has given Krista health and wellness, comfort, stability, peace, mindfulness and an outlet to work on herself and help others. Krista began making yearly, long term, visits to Mysore, India in 2006 to study with the late Sri K.Pattabhi Jois, Guruji, in order to fully connect to this lineage and embrace and surrender to a teacher that could help facilitate her growth and provide a deep source of inspiration.

Workshop content:

Digging Deep into Backbends // Friday October 27th 3-6pm


Spend the afternoon with Krista digging deep into your waist, your back and your heart. Understanding the emotional and physiological connection to backbending can help you infinitely deepen your physical understanding of backbending. Utilizing various back bends from the Ashtanga series’ we will explore the use of the waist, the heart and the spine in back bends and look into how emotions help or hinder our growth. Leave this session with a new found love of back bends, a new appreciation of our own ‘perceived’ limitations, and tools to take your practice to a new level. 
Suitable for all levels

Jumping through & Jumping Back // Saturday October 28th 1:30-4pm

Want to learn how to safely and gracefully execute vinyasas?
We will explore using the bandhas, the lats, the core, body positioning, breathing,

hands, head position and the pelvis in order to paint a full portrait of the art of jumping back and

jumping through. 
The key to jump backs and jump throughs isn’t momentum, it isn’t about the

length of your arms or the amount you weigh! Spend the afternoon with Krista learning how to

skillfully jump back and through. 
Suitable for all levels


Pranayama and Introduction to Second Series // Saturday October 28th 5pm-7:30pm

Pranayama practice helps us to learn how to deepen our control of the breath, which enables the practitioner to control prana (energy). The control of prana through control over breath is Pranayama, and consistent practice will open the door to our ability to control the body, mind, and soul. 

The second series of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition is called Nadi Shodhana (nerve cleansing). The asanas of second series are comprised of backbends, powerful and strong balancing postures, hip openers and deep twists that thoroughly cleanse the nervous system.

Students currently practicing second series and beyond will gain greater understanding of the form and purpose of these postures and take their practice to another level. Students still working through primary will find tremendous inspiration for what comes beyond primary series. All students are welcome and all students will truly find a greater appreciation for this yoga method, the sequences of the series’ and a new found level of gratitude for their personal daily practice. It ishighly recommended that all who attend have an established practice in the Ashtanga Yoga method.


                                        Ellayoga members   //   Guests

Single workshop                      210                           240
Additional workshop               170                           200
Full weekend                            500                           590