Saturday, July 21st spend the day with Krista learning to engage the "fun" yoga muscles.  We'll do handstands, arm balances, learn to jump through gracefully and much more.





8am-10am Mysore


10am-12pm - Lats: Psoas of The Upper Body:

In this session, you will learn about the true ‘core’ of the upper body and how to bring awareness to the lats during our asana practice. We will dissect simple anatomical mechanics of the lats and how use of the upper body’s ‘core’ will allow you to gain a deeper level of control over your body, breath, and bandhas. Join Krista in learning how to take your practice to a whole new level. Suitable for all levels.


1pm-3pm - Air Time : Handstand + Forearm Balance + Headstand Variations

Learning handstand, forearm balance and headstand takes time and a bit of strength. Learn how to safely learn and grow in handstands and forearm balances. Once you’ve warmed up and refined the basics, you’ll learn to transition more confidently and gracefully into a handstand, forearm balance, and headstand. You’ll go up with one leg, two legs and lay the foundation for “pressing” into these poses. If you’re stuck or scared of handstands and going upside down, Krista will help you build strength and confidence for these postures with a step-by-step approach that you can do on your own at the wall! Just in case things get ugly, you’ll learn how to safely fall out of these poses without hurting yourself or impaling your neighbor.